Greetings from a long time ago!

Hello everyone, many of you viewing this might not remember me but I defiantly remember all of you! I started playing with the clan vanhero a very long time ago. I was never a part of the scrim team or a part of the clan vs clan teams cause of my age and inexperience but I played many hours with all of you. To start I would like to thank the founder of this amazing group of people Steve Vanhero, Ech0jerich0, seriapth (sorry for spelling its been a long time), and war chicken. You guys may not remember but I joined the clan vH many years ago in my first experience of playing first person shooters. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory was the game that brought us all together and I couldn’t be more happy that I had a group of people to bring me up into FPS games as a whole. My original name was rodnEy but as I played with you guys, what would be called a meme now a days, you guys joked and called me Rodneyking. I rocked the name and played with you guys as long as my fps history could go. I was very young then and was not around for many of the competition games. (TWL, Cal) So as you guys tried to progress into a competition scene I was more or less pushed to the way side, which is very understandable. I would like to take this time to say I am beyond thankful to every last one of you for being there, hanging out, talking, teaching, and understanding me when I was a kid. You guys are the reason I carry the team mentality in fps games today. SPEIRS, WARCHICKEN, OUROBURO, ETPLAYER1, MEWKIE, ECHOJERICO, SERAPTH. I hope all of you guys are doing well and carrying being the amazing people you were back then. You guys are the best.


Hey “Rodney,” it’s “SPEIRS” — thanks for the insightful post, I really enjoyed reading that. I am glad that we might have been somewhat of a positive influence and perhaps shared some laughs and fun!

The nickname Rodney was actually named after an “In Living Color” episode. I’ll send you a link sometime for kicks if you are interested. I remember you well and always thought you were very talented for your age.

I have a server up for old times sake, for the address/ip.

So much has happened over the years, would be nice to catch up and share stories. I’ll try to get the folks you mentioned to hop on here to chime in as I still keep in touch with them :-).


Hey rodney this is Seraphic I remember playing with you and glad you carried the team play with you!!

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Sup buddy! This is EcHoJeRiChO, but I go by Moloko these days. Miss the good ole days.

Welcome… tacos are always accepted at vanhero… it’s dot com!

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It fills my heart with joy to talk to everyone I enjoyed playing with back in the days. I actually took up the alias Mewkie a few years ago, for nostalgia reasons :slight_smile: . I don’t know if he also hangs/plays with everyone still but he was the main one to teach methe ropes of ninjadeer(engineer) rifle grenade shots, mines, dynamite before “otherside” came around and was one of a kind. If you guys have a discord/teamspeak/vent that you use, i’d love to join so we can chat or talk about the old days.

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#vanhero on discord. Not very actively lately, but it exists lol.

Whats up fellas. Glad to hear everyone is alive n well.